3IPK adapts its industrial blockchain system to the food industry. Cooperation with Slovak premium chocolate manufacturer Lyra results in delivering the first Lyra Blockchain chocolate to the market.

The Blockchain records bring supply chain transparency showing all production steps, demonstrating the quality of ingredients and prove the origin of each chocolate bar.

3IPK Solution for Lyra

The blockchain-based solution improves internal business processes, supply chain tracking and increases consumers' awareness through the following features:



Audit automation & performance management digitalization through blockchain tracking



Independent verification of production process steps


Originality & provenance proof

Originality of goods verified by QR code scanning

How to find the story of your chocolate

  • Scan the QR Code
  • 2
  • Find out the information about your chocolate bar
  • 3
  • Track the process step by step from harvesting to final product
  • 4
  • Check the timestamps of the process steps recorded in blockchain
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Art of chocolate

The Lyra Gallery’s very attractive packaging is inspired by the paintings of a Slovak academic painter Daniel Bidelnica.

Representing the elements of nature - earth, air, fire and water, complemented by motives of day and night, Bidelnica brings colors of Latin America to the first Lyra blockchain chocolate packaging.

Visual art together with distinctive craft of Lyra chocolate flavor create this unique product line which 3IPK is proud to be part of.