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3IPK develops blockchain-based digital solutions automating certification, airworthiness, supply chain and maintenance processes for aerospace, automotive, defense and nuclear sectors.

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Two Knotty Problems That Blockchain Promises To Solve

Why us

Efficiency Increase
Certification & airworthiness process cost reduction
Supply Chain Management
Supply chain automation & responsibilization via Smart Contracts
Smart Dust Track & Trace
Real-time track & trace solution via Smart Dust fingerprinting
Running on DCORE

Today’s Issues

Today, there is no reliable, immutable and secure certification data across the large and global supply chain in aerospace, automotive and other industries. It is therefore not possible to guarantee originality of parts and equipment throughout the product lifecycle.

Due to slow and manual execution of contractual terms within the supply chain there is no real-time link between supplier-delivered value and customer payments. Any commercial liability is ultimately carried by top of the supply chain due to lack of transparency.

There is no real-time traceability between approved certification data and actual real parts causing risks of counterfeiting e.g. by 3D printing.

Resulting are large overhead costs related to process management due to missing transparency on value delivered across the full supply chain at any point of time.

Our Solution

3IPK targets substantial reduction of overall costs for any existing or new aerospace program by:
Simplifying and securing capture of design data approvals reducing cost of the certification process
Introducing trust across the aerospace supply chain by implementing Smart Contracts to automate contractual terms execution
Providing complete a reliable traceability between approved certification data and real physical parts throughout the full product lifecycle
Ensuring 100% originality guarantee
for parts by unique fingerprinting identification system based
on Smart Dust
Enabling automated and real-time Earned Value Management to improve efficiency of the project management processes.
Providing real-time and any-time verification of certification and
approval status for any part